Online Training: HAZWOPER: Personal Protective Equipment

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Course Length
45 mins

Nicole Jurczyk



This course presents fundamental information on personal protective equipment (PPE).


Upon completing the course, employees should:
- Be able to identify various types of commonly used personal protective equipment (PPE).
- Understand how PPE can protect them from specific hazards on the job.
- Know how to adjust and maintain PPE so it gives them maximum protection.
Disclaimer: The information in this course does not replace or supersede a company's recommended procedures or any federal, state or local laws regarding any facility's operations. It should be reviewed by the employee or employer against these requirements to confirm the appropriateness of its use. The course provider and producer make no warranty, expressed or implied, that the information in this course is accurate or appropriate for any particular facility's environment, or any individual employee's personal situation. User assumes all risk and liability for the use of this content. Unauthorized duplication of this course is prohibited. © Copyright 2021.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate RC University Achievement Certificate

257- Personal Protective Equipment
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